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Monday, March 13, 2006


Got no post for the past few days..

Last Saturday, I went to school to do our thesis. But unfortunately, I didn't finish my target plan for that day. :( Well, LJ better luck next time.

Time to relax naman. Good to hear from a friend inviting us to play bowling! Yey! You know what, here's a trivia: I really want to learn the spinner style. Kaso ang hirap. Sa three games, second game lang ako naka 104.. hehehe.. yung rest less than a hundred na. That was a nice game anyway.

After, namin tumambay sa starbucks megamall I felt wasted. Maybe because I hadn't had enough sleep the night before Saturday. But I thought Sunday naman kinabukasan, I have enough time to rest.

The next day, I woke up 1pm. And, I wasn't in the mood to move my body. I felt like I need a rest. That's why I just watched TV the whole day and played with Gaea. I didn't even touch my computer. That was a boring day, wasn't it?


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