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Friday, March 17, 2006

i miss the days..

While browsing friendster, I saw some of my friends' pictures. But this picture caught my attention. Let me tell you a short story.

I remember when I was still at Astra, we used to sing any song we like. I used to do naughty things, like kinukulit cla Yvette, Just, Mike or anybody in the room. Sometimes, I pull their chairs or I tickle them when I was really bored on my project. There were asaran times too and serious talks as well. I really had enjoyed my stay at Astra.

Friday, three days before Feb 14 the part timers had a conversation on wearing a red shirt (na of course, pakana ni Yvette) on Valentine's Day. Some approved, some disapproved. Then Justin said something like "Hu! Wag na. Red shirt day pa. Seryoso ba kayo dun?". Hm.. Oo nga. What's with the red shirt anyway? Why do we have to wear red shirt on Valentines day? What's the sense? But Yvette kept on begging these people on this red thingy day. Even up to the time we were about to go home, Yvette still didn't forget to remind us about the shirt and Justin still refused.

Monday, Feb. 14. I was thinking on what to wear. I thought Justin wouldn't wear red. I was sure of that. As I've known Justin he was the kind of person na hindi makikisama sa mga childish things like that. So I didn't wear red. I can't really remember who between me and Justin went first in the office but it was like when I saw Justin he was wearing red! He asked me why I wasn't wearing red. But what I was able to do was to shout "Ang daya!" 'coz I was really confident he wouldn't wear red. Few minutes after we decided to work na lang, if I remember it right Von came not wearing red. So I teased Justin, "Weehhhh, nde naka-red c Von". But Justin was just smiling until Von picked someting red from his bag. "Oh, no. Ang daya nyo!" was just the line that came out from my mouth while Justin and Von were teasing me na. Pagtulungan ba ko? Hehe! Then Patrick also came in red. Waahh! But there was still hope, I thought. Yvette still wasn't in the office. When she stepped inside the room, she was not in red. Ang saya ko na! Hindi na ko nag-iisa. Well, maybe Yvette also thought Justin wouldn't wear red so why still wear red? But, like what Von did, nagbaon po sya ng red shirt. So people kept on teasing me, then of course, eto ako, I felt alone, nobody's with me. Poor LJ. Then there was Joanne, visited us in our room, in pink. So I said, "Si Jo hindi naka-red. May kasama na ko". But they said "nde, malapit ang pink sa red". Then of course, wala na kong nakagawa -- ang dami nila e. Quiet na lang ako. Nagmukmok na lang si LJ. So the ending was, Cinderella didn't live happily ever after but they made Cinderella a poor photographer. Well, as you can see medyo pang-asar mga smiles nila.. tama ba yun? Inggitin ba ko habang I was taking a picture of them. :( Tatandaan ko yan, kala nyo! hmp! hehehe!

And that was the story behind this picture and, one of the most memorable times at Astra.


  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger sutekidg said…

    you remember the days..

    but you don't remember the feeling anymore...

    hehehe.. so ibig sabihin niyan miss mo na ang astra? hehehe.. :) babalik ka na sa astra?

  • At 11:14 AM, Blogger emblems13 said…

    haha.. naalala yan..:D hindi nyo ko nasabihan magred e..:( nakakamiss tlga ang unit 8..:D nung nalipat ako sa unit 8 napapagkwentuhan namin ni just yung mga moments natin dun.. yung kakulitan mo.. haha..:D
    nakakapanibago nga nung nagresign ka na..tahimik.. haha.. :D
    anyway, aalalahanin na lang natin yung mga memories na yun..;)


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