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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Advice and Tips

I got this from the net. Take some time to read it. I was just thinking, lahat siguro ng relationship will last and exciting if we do all these things to our partner. Stay inlove. :)

1. Travel more then one (1) hour out of town together.
2. Dance with or without music. (Always ask first, not only with words)
3. Dance with your partner in public.
4. Dance in the rain. (Even in your best outfit)
5. Candles/Incense/Oils/Blacklight make for great cuddling.
6. Sleep together.
7. Be a prince to her parents. (Brownie points)
8. Share a plate of spaghetti. (Ever see Lady and the Tramp?)
9. Give her roses or wildflowers. For no reason, often.
10. Do the little things. (I.E., Pull out chairs, open doors, hold hands....)
11. Notice when your partner does the little things.
12. Surprise her with dinner and dancing. (On dinner and a movie date night)
14. Never, ever forget holidays! (Take your partner somewhere!)
15. Girls like guys who will listen to sappy love songs. (When she's around, and without groaning)
16. Always ask your partner how their day was...and listen!
17. Say I love you to each other, at least once in every 24 hour period.
18. Quote her favorite movie.
19. On holidays have her song played at least once...without her having to tell you to.
20. Romantic/classical music and candles/fires make for great cuddling.
21. Stargaze on a clear night. (New moons are the best times)
22. Find a nice secluded spot that is only yours.
23. Tell your partner you love him/her only when you mean it and make sure he/she knows you mean it.
24. Write poetry/songs for each other.
25. Sing or play a musical instrument. (If you can)
26. Draw. (If you can)
27. Tell your partner he/she's beautiful, even in sweatpants and a tee-shirt. (And mean it)
28. Be nice to your partner's friends, but not too nice. (More brownie points)
29. Watch the sunset together.
30. Call from your vacation spot just to say hi.
31. Go 30 minutes out of your way just spend a few hours with him/her.
32. Order for her. (Ask her what she wants and then tell the waiter/waitress for her)
33. Always appear to pay.
34. Do things you have never done before with him/her.
35. Flirt in public. (Yes, that means holding hands)
36. PDA - Public Displays of Affection.
37. DON'T make him/her do anything he/she doesn't want to.
38. Let him/her lay on your lap and run your fingers through his/her hair.
39. Always chase after her. (Especially after fights)
40. Touch him/her in a loving way.
41. Have a candlelight dinner for two at least once a year.
42. Love yourself before you love anyone else.
43. Cook for each other.
44. Go on a twilight picnic.
45. Whisper sweet nothings.
46. Request/dedicate songs to each other.
47. Make memories together.
48. Let there never be a moment when you are not thinking about them, and make sure they know that.
49. Buy her a ring.
50. Be there for the good and the bad times.
51. Walk him/her to his/her door.
52. Don't just tell him/her you love him/her, show him/her.
53. Spend all day with him/her doing nothing.
54. Go home and call him/her to talk about nothing.
55. Moonlit walks on the beach. (Lake or ocean...no difference)
56. Introduce them as your girlfriend or boyfriend to your friends.
57. Take her to a romantic movie and remember the parts she likes.
58. Find out her favorite flower and give it to her for her birthday. (No matter how difficult it is to find)
59. Know his/her favorite flower, color, number, animal, song (or band) and movie.
60. Compliment him/her for no reason.
61. Treat her the way she wants to be treated, not the way other girls want to be treated.
62. When you say I'm sorry look them in the eyes.
63. In disagreements, fight fair. No name calling!
64. Don't let little mistakes become big mistakes.
65. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
66. Never interrupt when you are being flattered.
67. Always close your eyes. Staring is rude.
68. Go on a carriage ride through the park.
69. You figure it out.
70. Share your deep dark secrets with each other.
71. Tell them your fantasies.
72. Make them feel important.
73. Lips were made for kissing. So were cheeks, hands, necks, fingertips, shoulders, etc.
74. Go for a twilight horseback ride.
75. Never ever physically hurt her intentionally.
76. Sit on the floor at the movie theater.
77. Have your picture taken together.
78. Eat ice cream together.
79. Go to a museum together.
80. Talk to each other using only body language.
81. Send a silly/sappy card just because you were thinking about them.
82. Give them space when they need it.
83. Carve your names into a tree/table.
84. Go for a walk at dusk together.
85. Send them a singing telegram or the email smile
86. Spend all night thinking of 1001 sweet things to do for them.
87. Hold them and gaze into there eyes and realize how much you love them and tell them that.
88. Gently run your hand across their cheek and look in their eyes.
89. Blindfold them and take them somewhere romantic.
90. If you cannot feel their heartbeat, you are not close enough.
91. Go roller/ice skating together.
92. Give backrubs just because.
93. Everyone deserves a second chance.
94. When people put them down, defend them.
95. Do anything to impress them.
96. ALWAYS be honest with them. (Even if you know it's gonna hurt... it'll hurt more if you lie.)
97. Go hiking/camping together.
98. Give them stuffed animals just because.
99. Treat her like a princess.


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