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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Boracay Estimated Expenses

For those who are planning to go to Boracay, this may help you in budgeting your money for 3 days two nights vacation.

Let's start.

Fare: We bought the One-peso fare ticket of Cebu Pacific which costs P1650 round trip each. Additional P200 for something(ano ba yung something?) at Cebu Pacific an hour before the flight. Paid P40 when we went back in Manila.

Hotel: We got the Red Coconut's package for P3300, air-conditioned van service and boat from Kalibo to Red Coconut and breakfast buffet inclusive.

Food for 6: We arrived 3pm. In our case, since our flight was delayed which was supposedly 8:55 but the plane arrived 11pm, Cebu Pacific provided us free lunch. First Night Dinner, we ate in a Paluto "Resto", Paradiso Grill. That dinner costs P1310. We got sinigang, garlic buttered shrimp, pusit, eggplant salad and drinks. Second Day, free breakfast at Red Coconut Resto! We had our lunch at BORA Sea Foods and Chicken Haus for P1330. Dinner at Red Coconut Restaurant for P2371.68. What else? Hm.. third day breakfast, FREE!


Fare 1650
Hotel 3300
Food 219 (approximately one-sixth of 1310)
222 (approximately one-sixth of 1330)
396 (approximately one-sixth of 2371.68)
Over-all expenses 6027 (exclusive of Tip sa Purter, Pasalubong, banana boat, etc.)

Kung may 7K ka, makakapground trip ka na sa bora, 3 days 2 night pa!

Hehehe.. tama ba to?

Bora tayo ulit!!! ;)


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