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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Missing a lot of things..

It was almost 13 years ago (I was Grade 4 then) when I found out that I have this small talent in drawing. The program which was sponsored by Nido needed three representatives from each school to join. Luckily, I was one of those representatives. The program was fun, it was called "Nido's Mga Munting Daliri". They provided us the materials like brushes and paints and they also taught us the different techniques to draw and to paint.

Sept. 19, 2006, I was sitting inside and waiting for Aldous who was getting our food at Tokyo Tokyo Grenbelt 1 when I got interested with the paintings near the said fast food. I went out to see the paintings. That moment, I realized how much I missed drawing. I was inspired by the paintings which were really amazing. Because of that, we went straight to the National Book Store, just near the Tokyo Tokyo to buy stuff for drawing/sketching after we ate. I bought 2 kinds of brushes, 3 charcoal pencils and the 20pcs-drawing paper.

It was just today I had time to draw again. I still find it fun. My subject? Who else? Of course, my niece. Hm.. Let me see. I think, my drawing is not that bad. What do you think? ;) Maybe, I can draw you too if you want. Just send me your favorite pic. I'll draw you when I have some time. ;) Hehehe..

I was so busy with my work and you know I am really having fun, honestly. I was blessed to have a work like this. That's why I have no regrets of spending almost all my time for work, which most of the people don't understand. But you know, I think they're right. And I think I should have enough time for myself. I have a life, my personal life too and realized that I am missing a lot of things, so lot of things. I even reached the point that I didn't even know myself because of this busyness. But now, I am trying to put back the pieces of me again. I'm planning to have a just small activity once every, maybe a week is enough. Activities like drawing or sketching, watching movies, baking a cake (again!) or going to a gym or spa (still thinking of something else). I'll be getting the weekend for that. Well, you know I'm really glad to say that I'm happy... and I'm inspired again... :)

Thanks to "Love Story in Harvard" (natapos ko na sya! :D). Promise, that was really inpiring story.


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