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Monday, September 18, 2006

Isang linggong tahimik....

Here are the updates:

One week na walang post.. That was because I was so busy and enjoying with my work and I didn't have something interesting to post.

A week ago, I was bored, empty and insecure. Not now.. Thanks to Aldous for making me laugh..:*

Masaya naman ako sa work ko, yun nga lang, nangangayayat na ko ng husto. Gusto ko na nga rin tumabataba ng kahit konti lang. I'll try to take vitamins starting tomorrow and take it regularly.

Eskwela.com is almost done (see the screenshots). I find this interesting especially sa mga naghahanap ng nawawalang mga classmates and friends sa school nyo. Hehehe.. Currently, we only allow UPD (University of the Philippines Diliman) students to join (with active up.edu.ph email address). This is by invite only.

Anyone who wants an invite, please email me at lj[at] eskwela [dot] com.

Teka, 7:30 na.. Kain muna ko.. :)


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