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Sunday, October 08, 2006

No, I didn't get drunk.

1AM, last Saturday I was still in the office working when the generator got fucked up or maybe they just turned it off to save energy. Obviously, I can't work. There was no light and internet connection. I waited for a while wishing to have an internet connection back again. Because there's nothing we can do, one of our officemates decided to just go home. And the rest... went to Ice. Ice is a bar located in Greenbelt 3. It was my first time to go to that kind of bar. Cool, I didn't look like going to a bar. I was just wearing shirt, pair of pants and "Sandugo" sandals. The funnier thing was, T was just wearing slippers and his pair of "pajamas". Who did look mas kawawa? Hehehe..

T ordered one bottle of artic, melon flavor. I tell you, the taste was good. We (G and I) were joking T to get us some chocolait (the chocolate drink). Of course it was funny 'coz it's a bar, it was impossible to have chocolait, right? But you know, T took the joke seriously and he ordered a chocolate flavored alcohol for us. Waah.. We were just joking! Ok? But it was too late, the drink was already place in front of us and we have to drink it. Oh no! I am not a drinker! I was really afraid to drink. My worry was I didn't know, I haven't know my limitations, I don't know yet. Well, I drank it anyway and it tasted chocolate with alcohol. Fortunately, I was still alive and didn't feel wasted, not yet. And then we got this another drink, "subano".. "sukoba".. "subako".. whatever... I'm still alive! After 3 shots! Huraay! Then we played "bato-bato-pick" in group (til the bottle of artic got empty). I was so lucky that I always win the game. I didn't have to drink.

It was 4am when we went out the bar. We're the only people left. It was already 4am but T was still asking us to go to another bar with boys dancing. Uh-oh. Not the one you are thinking of. Hahahaha! It was the boys doing tumblings, verticals, acrobatics and whatsoever. We decided to go but unfortunately, it was already closed. Monica, T's wife suggested to just go to Aristocrat to have some food somewhere in Roxas Blvd. So we said OK. A lot of things were discussed, a lot of stories were shared and a lot of laughs were had. It was fun! And funny analyzing "how to eat using chopsticks". Hehehe!

This whole experience was really different. I really enjoyed that day! Sayang hindi ko nadala camera ko.

Anyway, thanks T.

(Note: It doesn't mean that because I enjoyed that experience, magiging part na ang alcohol sa routine ko. Of course not!)


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