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Monday, December 11, 2006

Gusto mo bang yumaman?

From: 10 “expense busters” By Alvin T. Tabañag

A good read.
  • Be contented with what you have... Your worth as a person is not measured by your material possession, so be satisfied with what you have.

  • Avoid all forms of gambling...

  • Quit smoking, drink moderately and don’t do drugs.

  • Take public transport....just don’t take the taxi all the time.

  • Bring lunch to work... It certainly is well worth your time to cook your own lunch.

  • Cut coffee and soft-drink consumption. Addiction to caffeine can be very expensive especially if you are fond of those sold by high-end coffee shops....

  • Do not buy on credit... By buying in cash you will always feel the “squeeze” on your pocket every time you purchase something, so you will think twice before buying items you don’t really need.

  • ...Also, drop and replace an expensive hobby or leisure pursuit with something as exciting but easier on the pocket.

  • Avoid excessive texting, Internet chatting and PC gaming...

  • ...The “other partner” is usually high maintenance.


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