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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gift Ideas

Every year I work hard to think of something for my family and friends. I enjoy getting them something they'd love to have. My plan is to get them a bit simpler but more personalized gifts this year. But my nose is bleeding now from thinking. To get some ideas, I thought of listing down the gifts I received and I gave last year. I hope this would be also helpful for you, in case you are having a hard time too in finding nice gifts for them.

Here are some gift ideas:

A) What I received and I had for them:
  • Shopping package :D
  • Branded undies
  • A (Marithé+François Girbaud) wallet
  • Cash
  • A nice umbrella
  • Spa Relax Incense
  • (The North Face) laptop bag
  • Videoke CD
  • A pair of bedroom slippers
  • Brownies
  • Little pillows
  • A "Welcome" home decor
  • DVD movie
  • Bracelet
  • A nice furry keychain
  • Travel mug
  • Personalized (Starbucks) tumbler
  • (Let's Face It) gift certificate
  • A nice dress for my niece
  • A pair of watches for my parents
  • (La Coste) Perfume
  • (Bench) Underwear
  • (Silverworks) Pendant
  • (Hersheys) Chocolates
  • Kikay Kit for my inaanak
But of course, I will not forget to include my wish list. This might also help you, anyway.. :D

B) My Wishlist:
  • Computer table
  • Asus EEE PC :D
  • External hard drive
  • A nice jacket (I love jackets!)
  • One month FF monthly fee :D
  • A camera battery, Li-ion Battery NB-2LH
  • Rechargeable AA Nimh batteries
  • A camera tripod
  • SD Card
  • Driving lesson fee
  • Volleyball
May magbigay kaya sakin? ;))
  • pwede rin, cge na.. :D
C) Gift for someone you don't know:
Approach one to two persons na tingin mo can't afford to celebrate Christmas like you do. Give something to him. Share anything you can share (like buying him a meal from a food chain or something) and then leave a simple message. See his face once he receives your surprise. You'll feel good. This will just take a minute.


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